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Case Study 4

ToggleBlok replaces exploding bladder system

As our team originally invented envirovalve we know more about stopper containment systems than most and many of our clients ask us for advice on equipment they have.

A recent call for help came in from one of our drainage partners to assist in a pollution release. The site had activated a heavy duty stopper system and the stopper had failed causing a cast manhole cover to be launched several meters into the air, eventually landing on a smoker’s shelter.

Our first job was to assess the risk and viability of stopper system. We found no evidence of any safety valve, in fact, the stopper was the only fail safe we could find. With little left of the stopper we could only conclude that the pressure regulator and pressure switch had failed allowing the stopper to over inflate. With no safe operation, we concluded that the system and its design were unsafe.

The customer immediately instructed us to replace the stopper unit with a Toggleblok™ valve system. Unlike the stopper system, we operate an actuator which does not store enough energy to cause injury in the way an exploding stopper can. All pneumatic systems need to be built and operated safely.