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Case Study 6

Environmental assessment and spill mapping leads to huge cost saving

A large manufacturing company in the West Midlands supplying Jaguar Land Rover found a pollution issue into a local water course. The local EA officer advised that the sites surface water runoff should pass through an oil separator.

Sandfield Penstock solutions were asked to look at the design for the separators as the site was initially quoted a project cost in excess of £300K. As the site had very little hydrocarbon risk, we decided to look at completing a full site spill and fire water runoff risk assessment. On completion of a site risk assessment, our engineers discovered a non operational pump chamber. The chamber had not been maintained for many years and soluble oil was escaping via the overflow into the surface water system. From the initial survey, we were able to dismiss the need for oil separators and evidence the sites initial pollution came from lack of awareness of the sites drainage system. The work saved the site a £300K project that would have been incapable of preventing a pollution incident.