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Environmental Advice

Regulations are typically confusing and correlating them to your situation can be a minefield.

Sandfield Penstock Solutions are experts at translating the jargon into workable fail safe solutions to contain spills and prevent water pollution.

If you need environmental advice we would be very happy to talk to you.

At Sandfield Penstock Solutions we deliver a full turnkey environmental service to help identify your problem and come up with solutions to fit every budget.

Pollution containment risk assessments

Our Environmental risk assessment survey looks at three key areas, the source, the pathway and the receptor. Our service starts with investigation of the potential source of pollutants and what controls are in place. We review the efficiency of current methods and stress test the operation of these controls. We then deliver a report with real advice and recommended fixes; often requiring little or no expense.

Pathways for a pollutant to leave a site have always been one of the most difficult areas to evidence. For sites that have already installed drainage closure valves or other controls there is a need to evidence the system will work. Completing a drainage survey and producing an accurate CAD drawing of your site including all below ground environmental and flow control devices is essential.

Sustainable technology

Sandfield Penstock Solutions is always innovating and pushing environmental technology. We have partnered with many of the world’s leading environmental technologies and we continue to excel in delivering solutions for our clients. If you are looking at FOG recovery or using flow to generate power, we are here to help.

If spill containment and CIRIA736 compliance is currently a consideration for you please do not hesitate to call 0330 223 4372 or email us, we will be very happy to discuss our solutions with you.

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Get the latest from the blog in your inbox.