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The design of effective pollution containment systems relies on an in depth knowledge of environmental law and the role of the regulator, you are most likely busy with your business.

Our experts were a key role in shaping and presenting CIRIA 736 and we are very happy to provide advice and support if you have questions.

The design of effective pollution containment systems relies on an in depth knowledge of environmental law and the role of the regulator. The purpose of the Environment Agency, as the regulator, is to enforce and while in the past, it has published PPG’s (Pollution Prevention Guidelines) this is no longer the case. Individual businesses are therefore responsible for assessing any pollution risk and implementing appropriate preventative measures. Failure to adopt a pollution prevention system may result in enforcement action by the Environment Agency.

In 2014, Environmental Sentencing Guidelines were published to bring consistency focussed on punishment, deterrence and removal of gain.

Fire Prevention Plans for environmental permits contain a section which details the requirement to contain run off in the event of a fire.

Detailed guidance on the facilities and equipment needed for your site are contained in CIRIA 736 Containment Systems for the Prevention of Pollution.

We offer CPD sessions on the following topics:

  • Pollution Containment Valves and CIRIA 736
  • Water Pollution and Environmental Permits
  • Environmental Fines and Water Pollution
  • Environmental Liability, Reputation Damage and Insurance

Feedback from our CPD sessions:

“We found David’s presentation very interesting and informative, he covered some very important points which we were not all aware of and was happy to answer questions.  He obviously has a very good knowledge of the subject and was able to explain his points in a way which was clear and easy for everyone to understand.”
Caroline Brear,  Melia Smith & Jones Ltd

“It was engaging throughout and you could clearly see how passionate David was about the subject. He was very helpful with answering any questions and giving guidance on where to find the specific and relevant documents. We would definitely look to get David back in for another seminar should there be any changes to legislation and documentation in the future.”
Tyler Andrews, Civil Engineering Technician – Stuart Michael Associates Ltd

We also give talks to professional bodies, consulting engineers, insurance industry and trade associations, for example

  • APEA (Association for Petroleum and Explosives Administration)
  • EA / COMAH officers on spill containments and spill mapping
  • CATCH (is an industry led partnership supporting the process, energy, engineering and renewable industries in the Humber region) www.catchuk.org/catch-says/
  • CIRIA736 Launch speaker Barbican London
  • FORD Environmental Dunton, CIRIA736 Presentation
  • BBC Midland Today
  • Big TV Birmingham

If spill containment and CIRIA736 compliance is currently a consideration for you please do not hesitate to call 0330 223 4372 or email us, we will be very happy to discuss our solutions with you.

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